Buy Plants online that dress up your Balcony

Gone are the days when people used to buy huge plots of land and built a house that was spacious enough for a lawn or garden around the house. Today, due to increasing environmental problems, lesser availability of land, and increasing cost of purchasing land and building houses, people have almost given up the idea of making houses to live in. Instead, they prefer to purchase a flat that is a part of a huge building. Due to this popular consumer behavior of preferring flats to live in.

buy plants online to decorate your balcony

The number of gardens or lawns has reduced thus leading to a reduction in the plants around us. Under such circumstances, what shall be done is that we can use our balconies instead of gardens and place some plants there themselves. You can order plants online and place them in pots.

In this, the plants would not occupy a lot of space. In addition to this, the plants would make the balcony look beautiful as well. You can have a glance at the list given below and check which plants you can get from the market in order to get your balcony decorated with some greenery.


Primarily discovered in the Caribbean islands, fuchsia triphylla are flowering plants that grow mostly as shrubs or small trees. They have bell-shaped flowers that are either pink or white in color. They can bloom from summers till the fall. One must not pour a lot of water in fuchsia during winters.

buy plants online to decorate your balcony

This plant does not require you to look after it constantly, so you can relax with its maintenance and water it only once a week. They might grow either as a bush or as a vine, depending upon the variety that you purchased. 


Growing in more than 47 different species, Lamiaceae or the lavender is a member of the mint family in the plant kingdom. These perennial plants can survive up to fifteen years or even more if taken proper care of. A few soil amendments are required for lavenders to sustain, especially during the winters.

Lavender or Lavandula is widely used for culinary purposes. Lavender tea is good for the rejuvenation of our bodies. Too much water and too much sun can lead to its death. 


You can buy money plants online if you want to decorate your balcony with ornamental plants. The vines of money plants are common to find in every household. Some bring it because of its beauty, while some consider the money plant to be lucky.

buy plants online to decorate your balcony

They believe that it may bless them with good fortunes. People across different parts of the world call it by different names. For some, it is the Ceylon creeper, for some, it is the silver vine. Likewise, it has got many other names. 


Sweet alyssum or the sweet Alison is a flowering plant that grows low. Scientists have named the alyssum Lobularia maritima. These plants are tolerant to the heat produced by the summer sun. This plant does not grow into a tall one. It starts blooming around the middle of the year.

buy plants online to decorate your balcony

The seed takes almost twenty days to start germinating. You must place the plant where the sun shines brightly. Adding manure to the soil would also be useful. Placing it in shaded regions can lead to the soil being excessively moist that may further result in the stem being rotten. 


Growing across more than 415 different species, lobelias require a moderate temperature for their growth. They are also used to make medicines. Lobelia can help to cure problems such as cough, bronchitis, and asthma. It is a flowering plant that grows all year long. The flowers of this shrub have five petals. Homeopathy makes an abundant application of this plant. 

buy plants online to decorate your balcony

This was a list of wonderful green friends that can be brought to your house and find a place on the balcony. You can check the internet for more details or consult a plant specialist. If you want to buy plants online, you must go through the customer reviews once. Reviews can help you a lot before placing an order for a plant from a particular site. Once you get your plants delivered to your home, you may start nourishing them and growing them well.