10 Alternative uses of the Vacuum Cleaner

Uses of the Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is one of the most precious allies when it comes to domestic cleaning, but are you really sure you know all its possible applications? In fact, in addition to floor care, this tool can also be very useful for other purposes, some of which are truly unexpected! Ready to discover them with us? Here are 10 alternative uses.10 uses of vacuum cleaner

10 vacuum cleaner applications that you may not have known about
When you think of the vacuum cleaner, the first thing that comes to mind is cleaning the floors of the house. In fact, the usefulness of this device goes far beyond this context. Do you need to refresh the upholstery, perfume the environment or recover lost items? This and more can be done using a simple vacuum cleaner: seeing is believing!

1 – Refresh the Mattress and Upholstery:

Over time, carpets, sofas, and mattresses can accumulate bad smells. To refresh them, in addition to cleaning them regularly, you can use baking soda: after sprinkling it on the surface and letting it act, just remove it with a vacuum cleaner using the upholstery accessory. This procedure should be used periodically when sanitizing the mattress more thoroughly, as we saw in the article on cleaning the bedroom. It is also a very useful strategy for eliminating odors from the dog’s bed!

2 – Create Vacuum Bags:

Let’s face it: the space inside the wardrobe never seems enough! So why not put clothes and blankets inside vacuum bags to reduce the bulk? On the market, there are specific types of bags equipped with a valve to which the vacuum cleaner hose can be attached which, by vacuuming, allows you to create a vacuum. Alternatively, you can also try regular plastic containers. Just wrap and tie the mouth of the bag to the vacuum cleaner hose, and vacuum until the air content inside is reduced. At this point, it is necessary to remove the tube carefully and immediately close the bag tightly. Not even this solution is effective for making a bit of space? Obviously, the time has come to devote yourself to decluttering!

3 – Perfume the House:

Sometimes cleaning is not enough to give an extra touch of perfume to the house: let’s think of cooking smells, for example, which can remain in the rooms for some time. Here it becomes useful to know the strategies to deodorize the rooms. For example, by introducing a cotton swab soaked in the fragrance or essential oil of our choice into the vacuum cleaner bag, we can perfume the home while we clean! Instead, to prevent the appliance itself from spreading unpleasant odors, remember to periodically dedicate yourself to the maintenance of the vacuum cleaner.

4 – Remove furniture fingerprints from Carpets:

Among the alternative uses of the vacuum cleaner, there is also the removal of marks on carpets. Furniture placed on rugs or carpets, in fact, can leave annoying fingerprints. Often you notice these grooves only when you decide to change the arrangement of the furniture and, faced with the inconvenience, you don’t know what to do. Don’t worry, because there is a remedy. One solution, for example, is to spread ice cubes over the footprints and wait for them to completely melt. When the fabric has dried, you can use the vacuum cleaner to restore the original condition of the fibers.

5 – Retrieve small Items:

Who hasn’t lost objects such as nails, screws, rings in an inaccessible part of the house? It can happen, for example, that they slip behind a piece of furniture that is difficult to move or under the sofa. Retrieving them will be easier if you have a vacuum cleaner. Here’s how to do it. Just cover the vacuum cleaner hose with old tights, attaching it with an elastic, and pass it where the object fell: thanks to the suction, the latter will remain trapped in the net of the tights without being “swallowed” by the vacuum cleaner.

6 – Free the Clogged Pipes:

The AR Blue Clean vacuum cleaners are also perfect for clearing obstructions in the pipes, due, for example, to objects falling into the sink. By connecting the Drain Unblocker accessory to the vacuum cleaner, it is possible to remove the block quickly and easily. This system is valid when the clogging affects the first part of the drain: for all other cases, you can try to follow our advice on how to intervene on clogged pipes

7 – Remedying small domestic Accidents:

You must know that AR Blue Clean vacuum cleaners, in addition to helping you in the care of the house, can remedy small accidents and meet extraordinary cleaning needs. These tools, in fact, are specifically designed to easily vacuum the coarsest dirt, which a normal vacuum cleaner cannot do. This is very useful if you happen to break a jar full of earth, for example, or spill water on the floor: vacuums are able to clean everything in a heartbeat, even if the debris is larger than normal dust. . Also, they can suck up liquids.

8 – Keep clean during DIY works:

The AR Blue Clean multipurpose bins can be combined with numerous accessories including the Drilldust Collector and the Dust Suction Kit. Drill dust Collector is a vacuum cleaner for drill and allows you to collect all the dirt created when drilling walls and ceilings, avoiding dirtying the floor. The Dust Extraction Kit, on the other hand, is a particularly complete accessory for DIY works, because it allows, at the same time, to carry out three different operations: supporting small shelves and strips, adjusting their height, and collecting the dust created during drilling. In short, an indispensable tool for DIY enthusiasts!

9 – Remove the cobwebs from the corners of the ceiling:

Periodically, during cleaning, it is good to remember to eliminate the cobwebs that tend to form in the corners of the walls. To do this, just turn on the device, bring the suction tube (without the brush) close to the spider web.

10 – Clean door and window Tracks:

Let’s move on to the last alternative use of vacuum cleaner, that is the cleaning of sliding door and window tracks. In addition to cleaning the windows carefully, it is good to pay attention to this part from time to time, because it tends to accumulate dirt easily. Specifically, to reach small spaces like these, it is useful to use a nozzle for crevices.

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