Type of panties every girl should have

Type of panties every girl should have

Most women tend to pay less attention to their undies and put more effort into bra choices. But they need to know that panties are an essential part of the wardrobe and backbone of any good wardrobe. Instead of getting confused, here are some underwear that every girl needs in her wardrobe to bandage dress wearing days. You can also check out for panty online.

Boy short

Be on the move with ease and confidence with the boy shorts panties. They offer good coverage, comfort, and are highly consider as loungewear for the girls. They go well under any type of clothing and could be a standard pick to wear on a daily basis. For the girls who don’t want to compromise with comfort, boy shorts are a win.


Briefs generally come with a high cut at the hip and provide full rear coverage with dashy look. This is something that makes you feel confident and gives you a sexy feel. As far as women are concerned, they ought to have a pair of these panties. They go well when you’re vacationing at the beach party or having a bikini party. They offer full rear coverage so that you can flaunt the low-rise jeans without any difficulty.

Seamless Panties

Type of panties every girl should have

If you are looking for the alternative to thongs then seamless panties are good to go with. They are the handiest seamless version of panties that provides adequate coverage removing that dreadful VPL. Since they provide plenty of holds to the girl’s waist, they would be a great option to opt for in case you don’t want to wear shapewear. These are ideal to wear under tight-fitting outfits like Jeans, Jeggings & Skirts.


Thongs are known as the sexiest underwear that you’d probably find in a woman’s closet. For the women who want to avoid visible panty lines and are looking to wear body-fitting outfits, these are the best choice. Thong has different variations in which the most famous is G-stings which is skimpiest of skimpy underwear choices.


Bikinis are mostly known as the rather vague terms which are slim on the sides and could be a low rise or high-waisted. It is mostly preferred by women as swimwear to offer much more in terms of coverage. Bikinis are perfect for the occasions when you want to feel pretty but not itchy. Wearing bikinis under your pants and dresses would definitely conceal panty lines.

Hip huggers 

They are worn low around the hips, below the waistline, and have wide coverage on the sides. They go with almost everything. So, make sure you have more than just a couple of them. The main advantage of wearing these panties is that it can help limit the danger of uncovering your clothing, particularly when you sit. Demonstrating the top band of your clothing isn’t cool, so make certain to select one of these when you’re wearing something low waisted.

So let me know if these panties are also your go-to panties. I hope you find this article informative.

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