7 Tips to promote your new salon

To run a massive and successful saloon, you need to market it with careful planning. There are too many salons in one city, and most people like to go to one salon for a long time because they are comfortable there. So, if you want to set yourself apart from the crowd, you need to market your business.

It doesn’t matter if you use the best products, techniques, or has certificates from known designers and organizations. If people are not aware of all this or are unable to see what makes you good, they won’t come to your saloon. Therefore, create a marketing plan now and start ASAP if you want to see success.

   1. Referral discounts works

As I said above, a lot of people go to the same salon once they find their work quality superior. It can work in your favor too. As a customer becomes loyal, they recommend your services to friends, acquaintances, and family. So, if one of your customers brings more customer, send them a mail or text providing a discount on their next visit or giving one service free,

You don’t have to do this often and have to be careful with this. Never give the customer the idea that every time they bring a customer, they will get a discount.

    2. Listing on online directories is important

We all research a product/service before we step into the store to get things, and the spa is no different. People like to look at the address, reviews, offers, and prices, and services provided by a spa online. So, if your salon is not coming up in Google results, it is a big setback for your business.

  • Get listed on Google my business
  • Facebook is a great place to list your business as it helps people find your salon. Some other social media can help too.

    3. Use social media for promotion

There are tons of ways you can use social media to promote your salon.

Salon promotion: If you are having a salon promotion going on, like 10% off on the first visit or so on, put that on social media. Everyone loves a discount. Create appealing images using Canva, write a CTA fueled caption to appeal to your target audience.

Influencer marketing: Tie up with local influencers (micro/nano) to expose your business to more people. They can come to your salon, get a service, make a video or an image post about the same, and tag you. It works like a charm, as I have seen tons of salons using this tactic.

Content: Share tips for hair and skin. Interact with people and let them know how your salon can help with their skin/hair woes.

    4. Punch card/loyalty program

Keeping loyal customers happy so that they keep coming back is crucial. Therefore, using loyalty programs or punch cards is imperative. All you have to do is provide them a discount once in a while like after their 10th service, 11th can be free. Or you can offer them one service free as per their choice.

Also, listen to them and cultivate a personal bond. A salon specialist can have an intimate relationship with their customer, and it helps them capitalize on their business too.

     5. Show off the talents and skills of your team

A lot of salons have started keeping a binder/magazine showing off the work of their team. It not only shows off the skill of their team, but it ensures that a customer can point and say that they would like this hair color or cut from that member.

When you treat you, employees, like a star, you grow your audience because people are coming in because of their talent only.

     6. Partner up with local businesses

Your salon can partner up with a massage center or a nail treatment studio (not all spa provides nail art and treatment). This way, you both promote each other’s business and it works well as well.

     7.  Email newsletter

Customers fill their emails when they come for their appointment. Use that to create an email list and send a newsletter a few times. It can be about new services that you included, price changes, discount offers, and so on. It will help you grow your clients. Use Canva to create a consistent email newsletter.

Due to the novel coronavirus, it is now more essential to promote your business as a safe, hygienic, and secure place. Create reels or partner up with influencers to let people know that you sanitize every inch of the place, from tools to the seats, and so on.


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