Things To Consider When Choosing A Lasik Surgeon

What Is Meant By Lasik Eye Surgery?

It is the most common refractive surgery to cure myopia, astigmatism, and hypermetropia. The procedure uses imaging technology for precise measurements. Before the surgery, anesthetic eye drops are applied to painless the whole process. 

For patients who do not want surface treatment and the long-term benefits of laser eye surgery, Lasik is the best option. The Lasik eye surgeon gives anesthetic drops to make the whole surgical procedure pain-free for the patient.

Things To Consider Before Selecting Lasik Eye Surgeon

A laser eye surgical treatment is a life-changing decision for the patients. Therefore, they need to be informed. Lasik eye surgery facts and what to consider before selection of LASIK surgeons are also important. This article shall guide you through things that can help you select the best Lasik surgeon.

1. Training And Qualification of Surgeon

The patient should not take the surgeon’s qualification for granted, whether recommended by a family general physician or any friend or colleagues; the patient should not believe blindly. It is essential to know about a surgeon’s postgraduate training or other relative qualifications. If a surgeon has formal training in managing corneal diseases, it will help the patients as the Lasik eye surgeon would detect early problems. 

It is also essential to know whether the surgeon is registered with any local body, has any scientific publication or has spoken at national or international conferences.

These are some clear indicators that the surgeon’s knowledge is highly updated and works their best.

  1. Asking Appropriate Questions 

When the patients go for the prior consultation, they should be prepared with a list of relevant questions that concerns them. Some patients are afraid to be too interrogative as they feel it may annoy the surgeon. But it is essential to ask all the questions before going ahead with the surgery. Some relevant questions are as follows:

  • What are the complication rates?
  • What percentage of patients have to undergo a retreatment procedure?
  • How many types of tests will be done for the safety of Lasik surgery by the  Lasik eye surgeon?
  • What checks do they have for reducing the scope of errors?
  1. Trustworthiness of Lasik eye surgeon

The most important criteria for choosing an appropriate surgeon is the ability of the patient to trust the surgeon. The patient has to be comfortable, relaxed, and confident with the level of care provided by the surgeon. A high-quality surgeon ensures that whatever they say is valued by patients.

The Bottom Line 

The patient should ensure the versatility of the doctor and their competency before selecting an appropriate one. Since Lasik eye surgery is not the only option available and is not suitable for every individual, the surgeon should know all eye power correction procedures. However, we recommend SMILE eye surgery for a more safe experience. Most healthcare professionals are also likely to recommend this surgery for a bladeless and painless experience. 

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