Quarantine? Isolation? How To Prepare Your Home For The Flu Season

How To Prepare Your Home For The Flu Season

The main thing we have to focus on during these difficult times is our health. We have to take supplements to fortify our health. A healthy diet is a must and regular activity should follow this, as well. But, we have to be aware that besides all of our efforts to stay safe, we still might be in contact with a person who has covid. If this happens, we’ll have to stay quarantined for a while. Therefore, we should prepare home for the flwoman at home in quarantine sitting on the floor and petting her dog

Clean your home

Even though we clean our home on a regular basis – dusting, vacuuming, and sorting out daily clutter, we should do it a bit differently. We should focus on disinfection above everything else. This is especially important if you have a family member in quarantine. We should wipe every flat surface with a disinfectant that contains hydrogen peroxide or 70% rubbing alcohol. These substances work best if you spray them on the surface and wipe them after 10 minutes. 

This thorough cleaning practice will ensure the rest of your family stays healthy, flu, or covid free. Double-check if you cleaned those surfaces like door handles or other parts that are frequently used. If you can’t stand the smell of these disinfectants, spray the surface with a drop of essential oils.

Fill your medicine cabinet with the essentials

Boosting your immune system during the cold and flu season strengthens your immune system and the barrier against the virus. Vitamin C, D, Zinc, melatonin for better sleep, or a multivitamin complex should be taken on a daily basis. Stock up on these supplements so you’ll have enough for two weeks in quarantine. Also, check to see if your thermometer is working properly. If you don’t have one, now’s the time to buy one. You’ll need to have other basic medicine cabinet essentials like aspirin, painkillers, cough medicine, and nasal spray. If you have any other health issues, call your doctor and require one extra refill, just in case.

Have a variety of canned and frozen foods

When it comes to stocking up on food and toilet paper, don’t panic to buy anything. We’ve seen videos of people fighting in supermarkets, and it’s not a comfortable sight. Stock up on week’s long amount of canned and frozen food with the worst-case scenario in mind. Worst case scenario would be that your entire family is in quarantine and that you can’t order groceries to be delivered to your door. If you still want to feel like you’re prepared for any possible scenario, stock up on three day’s worth of food. 

Make quarantine room as comfortable as possible

Pick a room that you’ll use in case you need to be isolated from the rest of your family. Bare in mind that you’ll have to spend at least two weeks in this room, so elevate the comfort levels. Having a designated space slows down the rate of other family members catching the virus or the common flu. Since a quarantined person should have access to the bathroom, you should convert the bedroom into a quarantine space. Now’s your chance to upgrade the bedroom to be the perfect space for relaxation and recovery. Install motorized blinds so you’ll be able to open them up or close them via remote control without having to get out of bed. Get yourself some new sheets, as soft as possible, so your bed will be as comfortable as possible. 

Plan a list of fun activities

Even if you’re not self-isolating all the time, you should plan a list of things you can do at home. We no longer have the option of running out to the nearest cafe or a restaurant to listen to some live music while we sip on our favorite drink. Now, we have to learn how to have fun at home. Stock up on books you heard people talk or write about. Reading is like a mental exercise, so you can find reading soothing and relaxing because it gives you a chance to get lost in somebody else’s story where the pandemic doesn’t exist. Board games are great for the whole family, so find something that excites everyone. Painting is a great solo activity if you end up in quarantine because you’ve been in contact with infected people. Crosswords or regular puzzles will buy you a few hours of fun.


Preparation is half the battle, at least it’s what we’ve heard. Prepare your home and you’ll be less stressed if you have to be locked up for a while.