Everything You Need to Know About New York Fashion Week

new york fashion week

About New York Fashion Week

Whenever Fashion Week is around the corner, the hype begins and raises excitement. Being a part of the New York Fashion Week is a dream of many. But whether you are a part of it physically or not, you keep up with all the updates about the week. While it seems majorly glamourous to many, it is a mysterious week in which take place numerous runway shows. While the celebrities take up the front rows of the fashion week, the place is full of photographers clicking countless street style photos and shooting models. 

new york fashion week

While the New York Fashion Week is something one can get updated about through the news headlines, television, and social media, there are a lot of things that you should know like the history of the fashion week, where it takes place, who can watch the runway shows, etc. Even if you are a big fan of this, you still might be unaware of a number of things. This article is going to explain to you every aspect regarding the background of the well-known show.

Firstly, what is Fashion Week?

In a nutshell, the Fashion Week refers to the week when the best designers from the fashion industry present the collections that are upcoming in various presentations and runway shows. 

new york fashion  week

What gave rise to the Fashion Week?

At the peak of World War II, the official foremost magazine of the Fashion Week began with the name “Press Week” in 1943. Since the American media was not able to access knowledge about Paris’s shows, they decided to show the world what they were capable of. Since then, the term Press Week changed to Fashion Week and the runway shows took place at various venues in New York City. In 1994, the runways were first staged at Bryant Park, which is located near the Garment District. However, since the shows got too large for the iconic midtown, “the tents” were shifted in 2010 to Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center.

Does the Fashion Week really last for a week?

The festival takes place twice every year – once in February, when the collection is for fall/winter and once in September when the designers flaunt their upcoming collection of spring/summer. Although the New York Fashion Week lasts for a week, the different festivities begin a day or two in advance. Though there are several runways shows that happen every year, like Swim Week and Haute Couture, when people talk about Fashion Week, they are referring to the biannual event.

While the Fashion Week lasts for a week, it runs consecutively in the most prominent fashion capitals of the world, beginning from once city and culminating in the other. These style cities include New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Therefore, what is referred to as the fashion week is in actual fashion month.

What is the duration of the Runway Show?

Typically, the running time of a runway show can vary from 10 minutes to 20 majorly depending on the ways in which the designers would like to stage. What is noticeable is that the shows are unlikely to start on time. Generally, the shows run late for at least 20 minutes up to 40 minutes. Therefore, one waits for the Fashion Week for so long, and then when they finally get to be there, they wait for the runway shows longer than they actually last.

Who gets to attend the Fashion Week and on what basis?

The people who get to attend the show are on an invitation basis. These include industry influencers, fashion bloggers, retail store buyers, fashion editors, and clients, family, and friends of the designers. Apart from this, the celebrities that take the seats in the front rows are either there to support the designer as a friend or to promote the brand that is being presented. 

What are “Swag Bags”?

The designers often leave gift bags known as “swag bags” on the attendees’ seats. These bags, which usually consist of sweet treats, accessories, or beauty products, are for the attendees to take away with them after the show and are left either on every seat or only on the ones in the front rows. 

Can a person watch the shows even if they are not a part of the Fashion Week?

The answer to the above question is fortunately yes. Not only can people watch the shows at the comfort of their homes but they can also spare them the outfits and heels they would wear at the fashion week otherwise. One can live-stream more than 50 shows, ranging from Charlotte Ronson to Marc Jacobs, throughout the duration of the New York Fashion Week. 

You can now proudly say that you are not just a mere fan of the New York Fashion Week but also have some knowledge regarding the basics and the background of the biannual festival.


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