Most Delicious And Yum Cake Will Make You Crazy This New Year

Most Delicious And Yum Cake

Christmas and New Year is a time when you forget about your dieting, and start listening to your heart and lips. I mean, you start eating what you want to eat. If you are not doing this, then after this moment you will start eating. Come on guys, it’s Christmas and New Year there are lots of things to eat. Especially yummy cakes and cookies, and how can you control yourself after seeing all this stuff in front of you. That’s why today I decided to give you all information about some yum. So that you can feel and eat all the delicious and amazing cakes this New Year. Don’t worry, I will not increase your weight a lot. But yes, a little bit I will do or may not I will do. Because I have some cakes who are fabulous, in taste and at the same time, healthy too. So you will not feel guilty while eating these cakes. You will feel like you’re in heaven while eating this cake. Your new year, become a happy new year in a real and sweet way. All of you will be very happy and satisfied after eating these cakes. 

new year cake

Black forest cake 

This is one of my favorite cakes. This new year black forest cake is going to be my new year cake. You know, what I like about this cake. That soft bread covered with lots of whipped cream, chocolate crushed at the top. And yes last but not least, how can I forget those fresh and sweet cherries. Okay, now you tell me, how can you control yourself not to eat this lip-smacking cake. 


For this, I want to say only one thing. Your favorite, my favorite, we all favorite vanilla cake. I know, it sounds childish but it’s realty. Whoever you get confused about which one cake I should order, from my favorite and the best cake delivery in Bangalore. You will stop yourself here. And when you order fondant vanilla cake. The design, especially flowery design, will make you crazy. So I would suggest you must try this cake also for this new year. 

Carrot cake 

I know, you must be thinking, I told you that I will give you some healthy options also. But here is what I am doing. So here is one of the healthy options. Carrot cake is not only yummy but it is super healthy. It will not spoil your diet, and you can eat as much as you want. It tastes also very nice and it is truly yum in the healthy cake world. 

Banana cake with cream cheese frosting

This cake is not less than any celebration. You will love this cake so much. Especially the soft and moist banana cake covered with yum cream cheese, and with the crushed walnuts. Now, tell me what you want more than it. It will make your new year super special. 

Fruit cake 

This is one of the biggest treats for all the fruit lovers and who doesn’t like to eat too much sweet food. You must try this cake. This new year you can cut this cake too. You just need to order cake online. You can tell your baker to avoid sugar in whipped cream. So your cake will not be too sweet. The natural sweetness of the fruit will balance your taste. So you will happily enjoy cake this new year, without any restrictions. 

Oreo cheesecake

Okay, so first raise your hand who hates oreo or more cake. I am sure, no one is here. So all oreo lovers here is your treat for this New Year, and yes cheesecake, lovers too. Oreo cheesecake will not only change the taste of your mouth but also your mood. You can make this cake at your home too. Because this is super easy to make and requires few ingredients. 

Rose and pistachios cake 

Those who love rose flavor and pistachios. You will love this cake a lot. You know, what I like the most about this cake. When we do the frosting and that cute pink color. If you have never tried it, this new year gives it a chance you will become a fan of it. 

That’s it for today, I know so many people will be angry with me. Because I didn’t add their favorite flavor cake in it. What can I do, it is impossible to add all yum in one place. Give try all these cakes this new year, after that tell me which one is your favorite. I am sure these cakes will make your and your loved new year sweeter and happier.