Importance of Shield Wire Earthing and Bird Guards

Importance of Shield Wire Earthing and Bird Guards

You might have heard about the fluctuations in voltages and how they may impact the buildings. In fact, you would have also heard about how lightning affects buildings. For the same reason, in order to protect the buildings from such strikes and from overall collapse, shield wire earthing is used. However, in case you are not familiar with this, you might be interested in knowing more about it. Therefore, in this article, we explain to you everything important about such wires. Further, this article will also discuss what bird guards are and why it is crucial to comprehend both the shield wires and bird guards altogether.

What is Earth Wire or Overhead Ground Wire?

A ground wire or an overhead earth wire is utilised as protection from lightning by making use of a conductor or several conductors. This is attached from one support to another on the top of the line of transmission and is also grounded well at fixed intervals. This wire tends to intercept the strikes of lightning that are direct that strikes the phase conductors. Further, the wire does not have any impact on the switch of surges.


Why is Shield Wire Earthing Crucial?

The shield wire earthing is capable of avoiding or reducing the overvoltages of lighting. The shield is linked with the power cables. The earth ground or at every end in order to reduce the voltage. This is followed by a reduction in heating as well as current. Apart from this, earthing is the process that is useful for the prevention of an electric shock. The utilization of shield wire earthing aids in protecting against this also.

What are bird guards?

Bird guards refer to the barriers that aid in the prevention of birds from perching on structures of transmission. These are simple structures that comprise a square ground with uptight prongs that are made of materials that are non-conductive, weather-proof, and hard-wearing. While there are a number of sizes in which these guards are manufactured, they majorly depend on the requirement of the power utility as well as on the size of the lines that require to be taken care of.

What is the requirement of a bird guard?

Birds are likely to result in power outages as well as damages in a number of manners whenever they form a nest on structures of power or even land on them. These are:

  • Protection of species: Some kinds of species of birds tend to be at a higher risk of deaths from electrocution on power lines or they may even experience shocks through flashovers. This is higher for the birds that are carnivorous or omnivorous, like herons, eagles, and vultures, especially because of their wingspan and size.
  • Destruction of habitat: The branches and sticks utilized by the birds for nesting have the capability of resulting in flashovers on the lines and might even lead to a fire in these nests. This is not only harmful to the birds but may also result in a hazard of fire in case the nest falls on the bottom veld or on the ground.
  • Pollution of birds: In the case of bird excretion on power lines, flashovers can take place.
  • Streamers of Birds: There can be faults in the lines or flashovers due to excretion or long streams.

Advantages of Bird Guards Installation

Based on the understanding of shield wire earthing, it is crucial for building bird guards. Installation of such guards will be advantageous in the following manners.

  • For impacting positively the conservation of several species of bird, majorly larger ones.
  • For aiding in the prevention of bird deaths because of fire and electrocution.
  • For the prevention of nesting of birds on the structures of transmission including power lines.
  • For reducing the costs of fixation and maintenance of the lines and structures posterior flashovers.
  • For avoiding faults and flashovers that may result in outages of power to the local communities.

The Bottom Line

Birds have the capability to result in multiple kinds of damages to the lines and structures of transmission. Which may not only impact them and their chicks. But may also be hazardous for others along with the residents nearby due to the possibility of fire. This is what makes shield wire earthing crucial since they help in the formation of bird guards and thus. In the prevention of power outages and possible faults that may occur due to the birds excreting as well as nesting on power lines.