Funky t-shirts- Buy men’s v neck t-shirts

Men’s v neck t-shirts

We should be thankful to the person who was responsible for the evolution t-shirts. Men’s v neck t shirts are one of the most comfortable and versatile garments that were ever invented while funky t-shirts are the latest craze. It is said that the prototype of the t-shirt was made as union suits back in the 1800s in the US.

Since then, it has undergone many transformations making it one of the most sought-after garments of clothing. Though it started as workwear, now it is a staple to every men’s wardrobe. 


These days, funky t shirts are trending. It creates a different style statement for men. You can find them in many designs and patterns such as vintage style t-shirts, Men’s v neck t shirts, floral ethnic style t-shirts, color contrast style t-shirts, graphic style t-shirts, character print style t-shirts, gradient style t-shirts, weave striped style t-shirts, and many more.

Here are the options of few cool and quirky t-shirts for you:

V neck striped T-shirt

This is one of the most popular necklines, but it still forms the basis of a man’s wardrobe. The makers of funky t-shirts give this t-shirt a unique and modern twist by exploring different patterns and designs in this category. It enhances the aesthetics of the t-shirt and have a deep V neckline that may show your chest a tad more. It works best on men who have a wide chest and broad shoulders. 

For a cooler look, you can pair men’s v neck t shirts with an unbuttoned shirt. You can also choose to wear a plain white or a plain black V-neck t-shirt for a timeless look. 

 Y neck

This one has become a very popular option for a funky t-shirt. It is also called a Henley t-shirt. It is a hybrid between two types of the t-shirt – one is the crew type and the other one a V neckline t-shirt and  has a buttoning placket that can go down many inches deep, which is perfect fit for a well-built and muscular man.

For a funkier look, find a t-shirt that has quirky buttons to make it look more peculiar.

Graphic t-shirt

A Graphic t-shirt is a stylish way to rock the look. Just ensure to find a perfect fit of a funky t-shirt. It should end around your hip and should not be more in length to hide your back pocket. A good graphic tee may convey a message or may have an amazing picture on it. Go for a meaningful graphic on a plain black or white t-shirt.

Most of the time the base of a graphic tee is plain, which is mostly white or black. It is hardly colored or tie-dyed because nobody wants to ruin a beautiful graphic by having a colored background. If the basic is black or white, then there are no distractions and the viewers just focus on the graphic.

A black or white base color helps the t-shirt to layer with other garments. By styling your graphic tees this way, you will be able to enhance the aesthetics and make them look funkier.

Vintage t-shirt

The trend for wearing vintage t-shirts is high in demand. While casual clothing is rampant, now men want to try new and funkier looks and they want to move towards wearing something different. They want to sporty newer styles and we have fascinating options to wear cool vintage t-shirts.

Vintage menswear has a different design, pattern, and cut of clothes. Wearing a vintage t-shirt will take you to the mid-century. While some come in loose-fitting, some may have a slim fit make.

A vintage t-shirt may have a wide collar in bold color and pattern. It may also have one or two chest pockets. You can wear it tucked in with high waist pants for a retro look, which is trending now.

Many local and international brands have gone creative and have been offering the ultimate style of funky t-shirts for men. One must say that it is a quintessential garment for men who want to sport a different and stunning look.