How to Begin With Your Fashion Blog

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Do your friends tend to seek advice from you regarding their wardrobe collection? Are people likely to compliment you on the basis of your sense of fashion? Does your closet consist of the best designer wear? In case the answer to one or more questions is yes, then you must know that you’re the perfect fit for beginning a fashion blog.

Fashion Blog

When it comes to the fashion bloggers’ community, it is not a difficult task to fit in since they are typically welcoming. Moreover, if you happen to establish a brand online, it is likely to be a great revenue source. 

So, now you know that you should start a fashion blog of your own. However, you do not know where to begin and how this works. Don’t worry, this article will provide you with a step by step guide as to how you can build your blog and probably even make money with it if you wish to (after all, any source of revenue doesn’t cause any harm.)

Step-1: Choose an Ideal Fashion Blog Name and Niche

Fashion Blog

There are several fashion blogs available online and you are planning to set up another one. What would set it apart from other blogs? What could make it so different that people want to read your new fashion updates and styling hacks? These factors are highly dependent on the niche of your blog. If you’re thinking that “fashion” is the niche of your blog, you are not quite right. While the fashion blogs might themselves seem to be a niche, in actuality, every style can have its own niche. For instance, vintage style is among the dozens of niches of fashion blogs. 

So, the questions that you must ask yourself in order to decide your niche are:

  1. What is your major style or the core aesthetic? 
  2. How is your core style different from other bloggers working in the same niche? 

If you are not able to find an answer to the second question, try going through some of the popular and trending blogs, specifically in your niche. They will help you decide how you can make your blog different from others. Remember, brainstorming is the key to every idea.

Once you have identified the niche for your fashion blog, the next thing you are supposed to do is decide the blog name. This is very crucial since it is what attracts your readers foremost. Choosing a blog name is easy once you know what your niche is. All you have to consider while naming it are the topics you’re going to write on, the style of your blog, and most importantly, your target audience. 

In order to come up with creative names, you may look up the thesaurus for words, use literary devices like alliteration, and even consider using a blog name generator. 

Step-2: Setting Up Your Blog

Although fashion blogs that are hosted on platforms like and Tumblr are a great choice for the ones pursuing it as a hobby, investing in a domain name goes a long way since it looks more professional and can earn you money. This way, you will also have more choices regarding the design of your blog.

Generally, among the options available, a self-hosted WordPress is considered to be the best choice due to its flexibility, affordability, and ease of use. The name of your website is what is known as the domain name that we have already discussed earlier. 

Once you’re ready with the domain name, you will have to opt for a hosting service. In case you are not sure how to go about it, you may find articles that can guide you on how to choose your WordPress host. 

Step-3: Deciding a Theme for Your Blog

Now that you are all set with your own fashion blog with an attractive domain name, it is time for you to make your blog appealing by choosing and installing a theme from thousands of free themes available. You may also opt for a premium theme that comes with more options to style and with advanced features in case you are willing to invest more money.

Keep in mind the creativity and style of your niche while designing your blog since a mismatch would be highly unappreciated. You must also ensure that your website looks creative, stylish, elegant, and unique. 

Step-4: Adding Beneficial Content to the Fashion Blog

When your website is ready as a visually appealing material, it is time for you to upload content that is static. These include an about us page, a privacy policy page, and a contact form page. In case your theme comes with a page builder plugin, you may also use it for the creation of other landing pages that are static as well. 

The next step to adding content is to create a blog post. Now is the time to finally develop a voice by providing content that is helpful, informative, and entertaining. Remember that running a blog would require you to come up with new ideas for the posts on a regular basis and keeping people updated with fashion trends and styling according to your niche. 

Step-5: Optimizing the Blog in Order to Get Visitors

Irrespective of how useful your content is, it is of no use if your fashion blog is not optimized. The following are the ways in which you can make sure that your blog has visitors and they engage with the content on it.

  • Work on the Search Engine Optimization or SEO of the website. This helps the website to get a higher ranking, and hence, a larger viewer engagement. 
  • Improve the speed of your website. In order to do this, you may implement some performance improvements in WordPress. 
  • Track the engagement of the users. What the users do on visiting your website is called user engagement. If the engagement of the audience is high, the page views are high as well, therefore, making your blog successful. You may consider using Google Analytics for the purpose of tracking this engagement.

Now that you know how to create your own fashion blog and build user engagement, you should not waste any more time and get started with your own blog.

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