The Different Types of Engagement Rings

When someone is thinking about proposing to the love of their life, one of the first things that people need to think about is the engagement ring. When someone starts this process, he or she will quickly find that there are lots of rings to choose from. In order for someone to make the right decision, it is important to be familiar with the different options. When it comes to engagement rings, there are a few types to keep in mind.

Types of Engagement Rings

The Classic Solitaire Ring

When someone envisions an engagement ring, this is probably what he or she is going to think about. The classic solitaire ring is as old as engagement rings themselves. This ring is a simple, circular structure without much ornamentation. Finally, the ring is finished with a beautiful diamond on top. By minimizing the ornamentation on the ring itself, the attention is paid to the jewel on top. Given that this is where the focus of most engagement rings is going to be, the classic solitaire design has been popular for more than 100 years. Without a doubt, the popularity of this design is going to persist into the future as well.

The Halo Ring Design

The halo ring design builds on the classic design slightly. In the halo ring design, there is still a singular circle that goes around the ring finger. Along the outside of the halo itself, there are micro pave diamonds that are going to ring the center. When the ring comes together, there is going to be a larger jewel on top. The ring of diamonds grants the appearance of diamonds that are circling the jewel with light. The light is supposed to symbolize the happy times ahead as two become one. Over the years, the halo ring design has become popular because it is something that still provides the feel of the classic engagement ring (the solitaire ring) while still providing something a little bit different.

The Wedding Ring Set

Many couples are now considering going with something called the wedding ring set. This wedding ring includes two rings. For those who envision wearing a wedding band in the future, this might be an option worth considering. In the wedding ring set, the first ring is going to have a large jewel on top, like the other rings on the list. Then, the second ring is going to be made without the large jewel on top. This looks more like a wedding band. Of course, the band itself can be made however someone would like. Some people like to have a few details or ornamentation that goes around the band. Some people prefer it to be plain. People have the chance to make up their own minds on this one.

The Promise Ring

Another popular option is the promise ring. While most people do not purchase this ring as an engagement ring, it is still an option. The promise ring has a very unique shape to it. In the promise ring, there is a small band of metal that has been twisted into an oval shape. Then, when the ends come together, the metal is tied together in the shape of a knot. This knot is shaped like a heart to provide a truly elegant appearance. In the center of the heart is a jewel, should someone elect to go with this option as an engagement ring. This is one of the most unique options on the market.

The Princess Cut

The princess cut engagement ring is a great option. This shape has a classic feel overall; however, there is something different. This comes in the diamond. This ring is unique because it takes the contemporary shape of the jewel (a square) but makes this shape out of a round diamond. This juxtaposition makes for a truly awe-inspiring engagement ring that everyone is going to fall in love with at first sight. The princess cut is one of the most popular options today.

The Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Finally, the last option is the cushion cut engagement ring. This ring has been inspired by classic styles, making this a vintage option. There are rounded corners to this engagement ring along with larger facets that will draw attention to the jewel in the center. Typically, these rings have some ornamentation along the sides as well. The cushion cut engagement ring is a beautiful sight and is perfect for nearly every couple.

Find the Right Engagement Ring

These are only a few of the many types of possible engagement rings. In order to find the right ring, it is important to not only know the person but also what the ring means. Anyone who is looking for help finding the right engagement ring should be certain to ask the professionals for assistance.

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