Top Common Diagnostic Tests That Help Doctors Identify The Health Issue

The human body is one of the most complex machines the world has seen to date. Even though doctors are always trained to identify the problems and find the right cure. sometimes, even their knowledge fails to help them identify an underlying health issue.

It is during such circumstances. why various types of diagnostic examinations are done. Thanks to the resurgence of newer technologies that we have seen a growing number of a precise diagnostic test which give a quick and accurate result.  Based on the symptoms, the doctors will prescribe you to get some tests done, and upon receiving the reports, the medical professional will be able to tell the cause of the health issue and the treatments which will be required.

Now, most people think that the diagnostic tests given to them are nothing but a waste of time, especially the ones like MRIs, ultrasonography, CT scans, and so on. This particular perception is mainly because of the lack of knowledge amongst the masses, and that’s why here we will discuss the basic facts of some of the most common medical tests the doctors prefer to have done. 


Common diagnostic techniques:

Blood tests

The first type of medical examination which every doctor prefers at first is the blood test. Most of the diseases can be identified by blood tests at the preliminary stage. Moreover, when your symptoms point towards more than one specific problem. These diagnostic tests will help the doctors to rule out irrelevant issues. Again the blood test is of different types. We have highlighted the most common examinations that are usually recommended.

CBC or the complete blood count where the concentration of every blood component is shown. Starting with the platelet counts to the RBC count and so on.

Blood glucose, this test gives an accurate diagnosis of the blood sugar level in the body and also helps in identifying diabetes.

Liver blood test. it is also known as LFTs or Liver Function Test. It tests several enzymes and hormones.

Full blood count, this test proves to be effective in the diagnosis of anemia, and conditions like myocarditis.


When it comes to the diagnosis of a physical injury involving both muscles and bones. This is one of the preliminary diagnostic tests that are done. In this process. X-ray beams are passed through the concerned area.

Bones stop the beams and the picture is recorded in a special X-ray black plate. Based on the plate’s information. It can be known what parts are injured. The extent of the damage and so on.

MRI test

MRI or Magnetic Resonating Image is one of those diagnostic tests which reveal all the information about a body part, starting with the bone structure to the ligament s and even the nerves and blood vessels associated with the concerned part under examination.

You can consider the MRIs to be the last measure doctors avail when all other kinds of medical examination fail, especially the USGs and X-rays.

CT scans

CT scans can be considered to the middle person between X-rays and MRIs. In the Computerized Tomography examination. The underlying structures of the organs, tissues, nerves, blood vessels, and other parts are shown in detail. The precision of the CT scan report is more than the X-rays but less descriptive than the MRI diagnostic tests. 


The last kind of medical examination we will talk about here is echocardiography. In this test. a special machine is used to record the heartbeat pattern in a specialized graph which is meant for this medical examination. The graph records all the eight phases of the heart’s constriction and relaxation in a graphical format. Thereby informing the doctor about cardiac health superficially.


Since now we have discussed the most common types of diagnostic tests. we surely can hope that the next time your doctor will prescribe a test. you won’t make any kind of delays.