Best Ways To Offer Your Condolences

There are many ways to offer condolences to the family of the deceased. And the internet is your best ally for this purpose. We are suggesting some ideas here, then let your creativity and feelings speak for themselves.

Write A Text Or A Poem 

Letting your feelings speak for themselves while writing a poem is a sensitive way to show your support. In your memorial tribute, clearly describe what made the departed soul endearing in your eyes. If you don’t feel comfortable writing it, many sites offer volunteer tribute writing services.

You give them some details about the deceased, his story, your relationship, your emotions. They will compose a unique text, poetry, or biography from these elements. 

Create A Tribute Page

Social networks exist to bring you together from a distance, so why not open a Facebook page in tribute to the deceased? You will create a space there to share feelings and remember the deceased together. A digital space where everyone can express themselves wherever they are, through a text, a video, or a song, If you opt for a private group, only the people you accept will have access to the content.

Send A Condolence Card

Digital or handwritten? With mail delivery services slowing down during the epidemic, going digital is safer. Such service providers have designed models for you. All you have to do is select the one that suits you best and send it to the deceased’s family.

If you opt for a handwritten message and traditional sending, we advise you to send your card by priority mail. Doing so, the family has a better chance of receiving it on time.

Create A Memorial Photo Album

Bringing together photos of the deceased and the precious memories of those close to him, this is what Beryl Martin offers with its collaborative funeral tribute albums. Along with your souvenir photos, you can insert anecdotes, messages of support, texts that make you think of him. Also, you can go for their memorial bifolds. It can take six photographs of the deceased and custom messages inside and out. You can also choose different colors and types of paper as per your likings. 

Take Part In The Souvenir Ceremony 

Out of confinement, families will organize a remembrance ceremony that will bring together all the deceased’s relatives and honor him as they wish. Why not help the family make this moment a life celebration to remember? You can do so by offering him a personalized song, retracing the life of the deceased, and the emotional ties he had with those around him. 

Support Each Other With Music

When it is challenging to find the words, going through music can help. Why not create your own song? This is an opportunity to express your feelings, memories with the deceased, and your support for the family, all in melody. The family can even, if they wish, play your song during the ceremony. Admittedly, this requires a bit of lyric talent and, if you don’t practice an instrument, you will find instrumental versions of already existing music on the internet. Thanks to the recorder on your laptop or computer, you can send your creation by email or SMS to the family.

The other possibility, which is very easy and accessible to all, is to select existing songs and create a playlist via the classic Spotify application. You can even make this playlist collaborative for everyone to add their musical inspirations. 

Finally – Customize The Last Gesture

In the crematorium or the cemetery, you will be invited to pass one last time in front of the coffin. It is a difficult moment since this moment marks the separation. This is why we recommend that you give meaning to this moment by creating a  personalized ritual  (flower petals, objects that belonged to the deceased, etc.). Do not hesitate to discuss this with your ceremony planner so that he can make arrangements for it.

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