7 Daily bad habits that can hurt your eyes

Are your daily bad habits, giving strain to your eyes like pain, discomfort, or vision loss? Yes! There are some things which can bring detrimental effect on the eyes. You might be doing certain things without the knowledge of yourself daily. Here, in this article, we will discuss a few bad habits that can hurt your eyes. Keep reading the post to know what is ruining your eyes.

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Daily bad habits that can hurt your eyes:

Below are a few lists of habits that are bad for the eyes.

1) Rubbing the eyes:

Rubbing the eyes is the common thing we do every time. If you are one among many who rub the eyes when it is itchy, then stop doing the same next time. Rubbing can bring unnecessary pressure on the eyes and it is the best way to transfer the germs from the hands to the eyes. Also, rubbing can make the germs go deep inside. When you feel to rub your eyes, then flush it out with water immediately or add eye drops to the eyes to pull the germs out.

2) Spending too much time on screen:

Starring continuously on electronic gadgets like computer, mobile phone, TV to name a few can give severe strain to the eyes. Yes, continuous starring can decrease the rate of tear production as well. Good lubrication is necessary to protect the eyes from getting dry, thereby decreases the risk of getting blurry vision. Hence, to protect the eyes from eye sightedness, it is necessary to reduce screen time, take frequent breaks from the gadgets, and eat a healthy diet.

3) Not having a well-balanced diet:

Adding a well-balanced diet is necessary to boost eye health. Try to include leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits, seafood, nuts, legumes, sprouts, dals, as they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other nutrients. Make a healthy and colourful plate each time when you have your meals. Also, make sure to drink enough water to keep the body hydrated. Yes! It helps to keep the eyes moist and healthy and prevents diseases.

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4) Not using eye protection:

Wearing proper eye protection like safety glasses is necessary to protect the eyes from injuries while working with the chemicals, cooking with oil, cleaning the lawns, etc. If any chemicals fall into your eyes, splash water immediately and should wear safety glasses the next time.

5) Misusing makeup:

Wearing eye makeup can hurt your eyes. Care should be taken if you are wearing makeup near your eyes and make sure to remove them before you hit the bed. Also, applying eyeliner or mascara near the eyes can block the oil glands and may lead to infections if not replaced once in every three months.

6) Smoking:

Smoking increases the risk of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Smoking is not only bad for the eyes but also for overall health. Though quitting smoking is not an easy task to go, but reducing them prevents the risk of eye diseases and other vision-related problems. If you are unable to quit your smoking habit, then speak to the doctor and get the help from them.

7) Not visiting the eye specialist regularly:

Annual eye examination is necessary for good eye health. It helps to prevent a lot of eye-related health issues. Get your eyes checked frequently as suggested by the doctor if you have any medical history to prevent any major eye diseases before it strikes. Yes, early detection can preserve your vision in a healthy way.

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The above are a few things that help us to realize the importance of how our daily bad habits can hurt the eyes. Eyecare is always neglected! So, never ignore eye health as it can impact your eyesight in the long run.